Anyone who is planning a wedding in the near future should contact the parish office at least six months prior to their planned wedding date.

If either party has been married,  there is a procedure that must be completed before finalizing a specific wedding day/time at the Parish Office. It is important to realize that this procedure can take a considerable amount of time.

 Wedding dates are booked at the initial meeting of the couple with the marriage preparation coordinator.

Catholics must present a recent copy of their Baptismal certificate. Baptized non-Catholic Christians must also have a copy of their baptism. Certificates can be obtained by writing to the church of their Baptism.

The Church requires that couples participate in some type of formal Marriage Preparation experience.  Our parish offers Marriage Preparation three times a year (Fall-September, Winter-January and Spring-May).  This consists of one orientation evening and seven sessions of dialogue usually held on Mondays from 6 to 8:30PM. There is a cost of $75.00 per couple to take our Marriage prep. program. Couples also have the option of attending an Engaged Encounter Weekend which begins on Friday evening at 8:00PM and finishes Sunday afternoon. There is a parish Marriage preparation for Spanish speaking couples as well. The Marriage preparation program topics include communication, conflict resolution, family issues, sexuality, spirituality, and Sacrament of Marriage. 

A prenuptial investigation is required which involves an individual interview for each party.  Each party needs to have a witness to attest to their freedom to marry. 

The couple must obtain a marriage license from the county courthouse a month before their wedding. The license must be brought to the parish office at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

Depending on availability, Hallen Hall may be rented for a reception.  Please contact Caroline Huber, our Facilities Manager, for availability and costs.


If you are a Catholic, but were not married in the Catholic Church, you can receive the sacrament of matrimony. There are some things that you will need to do: must be free to marry in the Catholic Church; provide new copies of your certificates of baptism (especially for the Catholic party); provide a copy of the civil marriage certificate; complete prenuptial and witness forms; and participate in some form of marriage preparation.

The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage can be a truly enriching and wonderful experience. If you wish to begin the preparation, or if you have further questions, please contact the Pastoral Assistant for Sacramental Preparation (360) 491-0890 Ext. 103.


  •  Engaged Encounter: for those preparing for marriage.

  • Creighton Model Fertility Care System: learn about one of the most cutting edge family planning methods that is accurate, scientific, and follows the Church’s teachings. Kim & Robert Kondrat 360-352-9592

  •  Marriage Encounter: this is a 44 hour experience for couples who want to enrich their marriage.

  • Retrouvaille: for couples experiencing difficult times.


Contact: Karina Ayala 491-0890 ext 103


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