Becoming Catholic

RCIA and RCIA Adapted For Youth

Christian Initiation

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church’s RCIA coalition is committed to carry out Christ’s command to go and make disciples of all nations, backgrounds, and faiths by loving, nurturing, and welcoming all, and to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We are also devoted to enable and fortify a Full Communion within the Church of Christ.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process through which interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. Children over 7 years of age whom were not baptized as infants are also initiated through an adapted process of this Rite. The RCIA is also the venue for people that were baptized as infants, but did not receive any further formation and sacraments.

The RCIA is a continuous, open, and gentle year round journey to faith.  The RCIA process is a period of reflection, prayer, instruction, discernment, and formation. There is no set timetable and the people in this wonderful journey are encouraged to take as much time as they need. Those who enter the process are expected to begin attending Holy Mass on Sundays, attend a weekly RCIA session, attend all rites and retreats associated with the process, and to become increasingly more involved in the activities of the parish.

How does RCIA work?


Each candidate begins with an initial interview with the RCIA leader. Through a careful discernment process the candidate and the RCIA leader, with input from the pastor and catechists, come to a decision as to which process best meets the needs of the individual candidate.

Placement of a candidate within the RCIA for Youth process is under the professional discretion of the RCIA leader in conference with parents and youth.


All of our RCIA candidates need a sponsor. Accompanying a person coming into our faith can be a deeply energizing force for your own Catholic faith. Classes take place Sundays, alternating months either at the 8 or 10AM Mass. Total class time is about 2 hours. The total commitment may be from 6 months to two years. A sponsor must be a Catholic in good standing with the Church.

Become an RCIA Team member!

Have you enjoyed being a sponsor or coming into  the church through the RCIA process? Are you enthused and excited about your faith? Do you have the background to become a Catechist, lead a faith sharing session, invite parishioners to be sponsors or provide hospitality?

Are you an open, caring person interested in supporting new people coming to the Catholic faith? Are you willing to share your faith and refresh it?


Apply today to be part of our RCIA Team!


Contact: Martha Arenas 491-0890 ext 104

Important Upcoming dates:

October  23rd: Sponsor and parent meeting from11:00AM t noon.

October 29th: Rehearsal For the rites of Welcome and Acceptance at 1:30PM

October 30: Rite of Welcome at the 10:00AM Mass and rite of Acceptance at the Noon Mass.

Also, we urgently need Sponsors and Teachers for Adult RCIA!

También se necesitan Padrinos y Catequistas para RCIA!