As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

   Song of Salomon 2:2



A Quinceañera is the celebration of a young Hispanic woman’s 15th birthday. This social, cultural, and religious practice acknowledges the importance of the young woman’s presence in her family and community. This is scripturally based on Mary’s commitment, at the age of 15, to do the will of God. The candidate like Mary commits to serving Christ and others with her life and through the Church.


 The sacred scriptures tell us that it is important for young people to prepare for life.

This celebration provides the opportunity to reflect on one’s purpose in life. Jesus calls young people to friendship, to extending God’s kingdom, and to proclaiming His message. This is an excellent opportunity to renew one’s friendship with Christ. In these times, we need to re-evaluate the role of young women in society and in the Church. Young people are the strength of the Church and they need to prepare themselves by evaluating their strengths and confirming their Christian values.


· Must provide a copy/proof of Baptism and First Communion prior to registering for the classes   and    scheduling a date.

· Must register at least one year to six months prior to the desired date for the Quinceañera.

· Must attend one of the three sessions (offered in the fall, winter, and spring) consisting of four classes.

· Must be registered and attending youth group along with preparing for their Quinceañera.

· Must sign up to serve in one of the ministries in the Church. (i.e. greeter, usher at Mass)

· Must complete two service projects.  (i.e. children’s  worship, clothing or food bank)

· Must attend the Quinceañera rehearsal on the Wednesday before the celebration at6:00PM in the      church.  All members of the Quinceañera celebration, which includes youth, godparents,  lectors, Deacon,  and altar servers, need to attend.


Requirements for Godparents:

The requirements are not as stringent as they would be if you were to be a godparent for someone receiving sacraments.  However, it is important that you are active in your church. community.


Contact: Karina Ayala

491-0890 ext 103